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Take an advantage of the „FIRST MINUTE“ offer and raise attractive price of exhibition area and receive attractive bonus.

Industrial trade fair FOR INDUSTRY is organized newly a 2 years cycle, even-numbered years. One of the reasons  is a lenghtening of intervals of launching novelties in the industrial branches to the market.

Exhibitors and organizer will buy time and scope for preparation of first – rate presentations, including marketing promotion and exhibitors will save costs as well.

Take an advantage of the „FIRST MINUTE“ offer already now with attractive price and bonus.

18. edition of the International trade fair FOR INDUSTRY will be held on 12 – 15  May  2020 at PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

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Industrial trade fair FOR INDUSTRY 2018 in numbers

During 15 - 18 May there were  172 exhibitors  presenting at the industrial trade fair FOR INDUSTRY 2018 and FOR JOBS at PVA EXPO Prague.  7 492 visitors and 52 accredited journalists  took part in the trade fair.

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Besides the standard offer, the PROWELD exhibition will include welding equipment for welding bolts and insulating mandrels using battery-powered machines that provides greater flexibility. The relatively high capacity, the number of welds per charge, allows and ensures seamless deployment without network connection and charging.

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DK MACHINERY will introduce vertical machining center SINO V8 at FOR INDUSTRY 2018

The base of the machine SINO V8 is a massive cast iron that ensures high stability and stiffness. Another novelty that you might see at FOR INDUSTRY 2018 is inclined-bed CNC lathe.

Visit our wepage or our FACEBOOK profile  DK machinery a.s.

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KF-NOVODUR s.r.o. will be presenting at FOR INDUSTRY 2018

Company KF-NOVODUR s.r.o. specialises in manufacturing of galvanic lines, neutralization stations and water treatment plants with complete ventilation systems. For more information see

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Within the GRAND PRIX competition the best exhibit or technology wins. The expert jury will be focused on the following issues: technical parameters, progressive technology, unconventional idea, exceptional quality at an affordable price, material, ecological point of view, energy efficiency and market opportunities of the exhibit/technology.

The evaluation of the submitted exhibits will take place on the first day of the trade fair, the winning exhibits will be announced and awarded on a social evening, which will be held on Wednesday 16 May 2018 in the Congress Hall in PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

Do not forget to sign your exhibits in GRAND PRIX until 15 April 2018.

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3D-printed statue of recycled PET material at FOR INDUSTRY

As every  year, the 5th edition of 3DExpo exhibition will be held in parallel with the FOR INDUSTRY trade fair. 3DExpo, the exhibition of 3D technologies, offers annually the largest show of affordable 3D printers, scanners and print materials in one place. 3D-printed statue of recycled PET material will be shown there under the PET (s) culpt project, which is also callinng for using recycled materials in 3D printing.


Moreover, the sculpture is kinetic! Artist Dominik Císař designed it the way that every part of the statue can rotate around one of the three axes and the resulting view is different at any one time.

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Prague in 2023 – The Center of World Engineering

The Czech Republic  will host World engineering  Convention 2023, that takes place every  4 years.  The organiser of WEC 2023 are The Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies and Guarant International, spol. s r.o.  Approximately  5000 experts from around  the world are expected to attend WEC 2023 in Prague.

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A Conference on Business Data Centers in Prague

The FOR INDUSTRY trade fair is a partner of the fourth annual IT conference on Business Data Centers, which  takes place on November 23, 2017 at the conference center Vavruška, in the Charitas Palace, Karlovo náměstí 5, Praha 2 (at the Karlovo náměstí metro station). The conference starts at 9 a.m. and lasts till 4 p.m.

The conference will focus on the key data center issues and offer answers to many current and frequently asked questions: What are the current data center trends and how to use them for their own benefit? How do I secure a corresponding data center service for a business? How to effectively manage a data center? How to eliminate potential risks?

If you are interested, register as soon as possible here.

The usual admission is 700 CZK + VAT = 847 CZK, now for ABF fans only 500 CZK + VAT = 605 CZK with code ABF500.

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TAJMAC–ZPS, a.s. is again among the exhibitors taking part in the FOR INDUSTRY 2018 Trade Fair and will present a number of its exhibits there on an area exceeding 200 m2. The joint-stock company “TAJMAC-ZPS” having its registered office at Zlín, Malenovice, is a leading manufacturer of machine tools in the Czech Republic and belongs among the most important manufacturing firms in the Zlín Region. It is one of key suppliers of machine tools in the Czech Republic, and an essential part of its production is intended for foreign markets. The production programme of TAJMAC–ZPS, a. s. consists of high-performance horizontal, vertical, portal and multifunction machining centres and top-quality (at a world-wide level) multi-spindle automatic lathe systems “MORI-SAY” and of sliding-headstock CNC automatic systems “MANURHIN”. It is also a manufacturer of a well-known product series of injection moulding machines for the Italy-based company NEGRI-BOSSI.

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Schwarz & Partner spol s r.o. Prague in cooperation with ABF, a.s., organiser of the International Industrial Fair FOR INDUSTRY is preparing a joint international business mission with a visit and B2B program at FOR INDUSTRY in Prague:


Please contact Schwarz & Partner for more information (proklik -

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Dear business friends,


We would like to inform you about the changes for the year 2018. The PRAGUE INDUSTRIAL FAIRS will no longer be divided according to fields into the simultaneous trade fairs FOR INDUSTRY, FOR SURFACE, FOR ENERGO Smart, FOR LOGISTIC and FOR WELD, but will be grouped into a whole, which will roof all the previous themes under the name FOR INDUSTRY - International Industrial Fair.


This decision is focused on reinforcing the FOR INDUSTRY brand and at the same time is serves to make the content of the organized event more transparent and more effective. All the accompanying materials will be new in a uniform graphic design, which will help visitors to a much easier orientation.

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This year, 233 exhibitors took part in this year's FOR INDUSTRY, FOR ENERGO Smart, FOR LOGISTIC, FOR SURFACE, FOR WELD, FOR INFOSYS and 3Dexpo fairs on a gross exhibition area of over 8,000 m2 and 7,612 professional visitors came there.


The fairs included a rich accompanying program, which took place during  the 4 trade fair days. It is worth mentioning  the Meeting of Leaders of Bohemian Export 2017, Dynamic Motorshow, and ENERGO SUMMIT.


Great thanks go to the exhibiting companies, which have created a great foundation for their presentation in the field of engineering technologies and related fields in the capital city of Prague.


Pictures from the event are available in the photogallery.

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The Prague industrial trade fairs appreciated technical innovations

A traditional part of the programme of the industrial trade fairs is the awarding of the best exhibited products or technologies with the GRAND PRIX award. Altogether 13 innovative exhibits have been registered in the competition this year, which the public could see at the FOR INDUSTRY, FOR SURFACE, FOR ENERGO Smart, FOR LOGISTIC, FOR WELD and FOR INFOSYS Trade Fairs.


Have a look at results as well as the winning exhibits.

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On 9 May 2017, the opening ceremony of PRAGUE INDUSTRIAL TRADE FAIRS took place in the Congress Hall of the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre. The ribbon was cut by Jiri Havlicek, Minister of Industry and Trade; Pavel Bělobrádek, Minister of Science and Research; Pavel Sehnal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ABF, a.s.; and Tomas Kotrc, CEO of ABF, a.s.   

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3K ENGINEERING on trade fair FOR INDUSTRY 2017

Czech company 3K Engineering s.r.o. strives to improve the standard of living using advanced technologies such as the Polish hybrid 3D printer Zmorph, which you can look forward to see at the fair. Do you ask why hybrid? Zmorph 2.0 SX is a printer with removable tools. Extruders for printing, CNC milling and laser, thanks to which will substitute work of several machines. The wide range of usage opportunities will describe to you the inventor Przemek Jaworski and his team. Visit stand 3B28 in Hall 3.

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Wire electro-erosive cutting machine from GF Machining Solutions s.r.o.

Visitors of the trade fair FOR INDUSTRY would see wire electro-erosive cutting machine. This product is enlisted in the competition GRAND PRIX. More about wire electro-erosive cutting machine in the section "Showcased products".

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The unique synergy of the fair and auto show would be brought to PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany from 10 to 12 May 2017 by the project of FLEET company cars magazine. The ''dynamic automobile salon" creates a space for the presentation of vehicles. Visitors to the fair could also order a short test drives, explore a wide range of cars and accompanying services, not only for FLEET customers. Representatives of the general public, who are visiting the fair and at the same time are thinking about buying a car, will have the unique opportunity to see, test and compare in one place extremely wide variety of brands and models. In the framework of automakers electric vehicles and hybrids would also be shown.

Original format of the event is not defined solely by the presentation of brands in general, but also promises the availability of specific vehicles for immediate delivery.

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The company “STYLE CNC Machines Czech Republic” newly among exhibitors

STYLE CNC Machines has been manufacturing machine tools with a proprietary control system since 1991 and currently is operating in 17 countries of the world. It is specifically focused on the turning or milling of individual workpieces and small series. The company’s philosophy is to reduce the programming time (and therefore also the change time) to a minimum level. Since the work simplicity is the most important feature in case of small series, all the STYLE machines of this company are equipped with the STYLE 4 Control system. At the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair it will be possible to see the STYLE 510 lathe and BT 1500E milling machine.


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Register your patents with the help of the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic

The Industrial Property Office (IPO) is one of the central authorities of the state administration of the Czech Republic and besides the functions of the patent and trademark office it performs also the functions of a special information centre of industrial property. The IPO deals with education of the public in the area of industrial rights by way of e-learning courses and regular seminars.

The stand of the Industrial Property Office will offer its visitors a possibility of getting familiar also with the information about the Visegrad Patent Institute (VPI), which is an intergovernmental organisation for cooperation in the field of patent protection and which started its activities on 1 July 2016. The VPI Establishment Treaty was made by the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

At the stand, the visitors will find also other information on protection of industrial rights and on national and foreign information databases of industrial rights, which the IPO makes accessible on its web site, together with presentations of how to find there various information about the state-of-the-art technology.

Visitors can discuss various issues connected with the sector of industrial rights as well.

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BOUKAL s.r.o. to present its new corporate identity as well as the news “SERVO milling machine tool” at FOR INDUSTRY 2017

From 2017, BOUKAL s.r.o. will present itself with a new logo and corporate identity, which is already to be a part of the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair held in May.

At the trade fair, BOUKAL s.r.o. is planning to present a model from the series of the SERVO milling machine tools from the Austria-based firm “Bernardo”.

These innovations in the world of machine tools provide perfect work conditions in the milling sector. One of the greatest advantages is the servomotor which drives the shifting movement in the directions of all three axes. The motor is resistant and is comfortably controlled from the control panel. By using a turning controller it is possible to continuously regulate the speed of the shifting movement of each axis, and the switching of the machine shifting is controlled there by means of one lever (instead of three).

The company is the exclusive importer of Bernardo goods for the Czech Republic, and besides specialised advisory services and deliveries of machines it is able to ensure suitable accessories according to your needs and such services as setting and commissioning of the machine or training of operators.

BOUKAL s.r.o. can offer a wide range of goods in the field of machines, tools, tooling equipment, abrasives and grinding materials.

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Mr. Tomáš Chmelík to speak about electromobility as a part of the SMART CITIES concept at the ENERGO SUMMIT

He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics; in 2010 he completed doctor’s studies at the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He worked at the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, at first at the Economic Policy Department, Section of Economic Instruments, from 2004 he was the head of the separate Climate Change Section and after transformation of the separate section to a department he became its director. He was responsible for the issues of the Czech Republic policy in the area of climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, especially implementation of the system of business in emission allowances and preparation of the first national allocation plan of the Czech Republic. In summer 2006 he left the Ministry of the Environment and started to work on the position of the Environmental Products Manager of ČEZ, and since 2010 he has been the head of the Clean Technologies Section of ČEZ, where he is responsible, among other things, also for the pilot project entitled “ČEZ Electromobility”.

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ENERGO SUMMIT, CZECH EXPORT LEADERS, 3D EXPO and a job vacancies exhibition

We have already started preparing an attractive accompanying programme – lectures and seminars will be taking place throughout the four days the exhibition is held, in the Congress Hall (capacity of 650 people) as well as in three smaller conference rooms. The very first day, 9 May 2016, you will be able to attend LEADERS OF CZECH EXPORT, an event focused on export, attended by top representatives of the government. The 3rd ENERGO SUMMIT, a leading event of the energy sector, will take place on Thursday, 11 May 2016. Its main topics this year will be SMART ENERGY and ELECTROMOBILITY. Fans of 3D technologies will certainly aprreciate 3Dexpo, the largest 3D conference and exhibition in the Czech Republic.

Most manufacturers complain about the lack of skilled technical workers. PRAGUE INDUSTRIAL TRADE FAIRS aim to interconnect the demand with the offer in its newly introduced sector FOR JOBS, an exhibition of job vacancies in industry. You will get informed soon about other events planned for PRAGUE INDUSTRIAL TRADE FAIRS.

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Final report 2017 FOR INDUSTRY

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Dear exhibitors, current and future ones. There are many changes made in the upcoming INDUSTRIAL TRADE FAIRS. Why? Because you know about our trade fairs, but you do not take part in it. Our aim is to improve the quality and turnout of the event. This is why we decided to go for a new strategy which we call INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 5.0. What does this term refer to? We will increase the number of professional visitors and exhibitors, we will actively approach visitors from the sectors of power engineering, machinery, automotive, logistics, etc. We will also cooperate with relevant associations, we will negotiate provision of auspices and support by state institutions and we will enhance marketing campaigns in the form of advertisement, interviews, articles, billboards, banners, PPC campaigns. Do you want to know more? We will be glad to introduce our vision personally. Contact our managers.

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Looking back at this year’s Set of Industrial Trade Fairs

THE INDUSTRIAL TRADE FAIRS 2016 are already over. Within the framework of this year’s set, FOR INDUSTRY, FOR ENERGO, FOR LOGISTIC, FOR 3D, FOR INFOSYS were organised with attendance of 202 exhibitors on a gross exhibition area of 7,000 m2. Together with the industrial trade fairs, also the REKLAMA/POLYGRAF Trade Fair was organised at the PVA EXPO Prague Exhibition Centre. Altogether 13,894 professional visitors came to see the event.

An interesting professional accompanying programme was prepared for visitors for the entire 4 days in 5 halls. The exhibitors could register their news into the already traditional GRAND PRIX competition, and the best exhibition expositions within the framework of the TOP EXPO competition were publicly announced as well. In this competition, the trade fair organiser evaluated the most interesting and the most creative expositions in two categories: FLEX-Elektronářadí, s.r.o. won in the category up to 50m2, while the exposition of TAJMAC – ZPS a.s. was the winner in the category over 50m2.  We would like to congratulate all winners and express our thanks to both the exhibitors and visitors. Already now you can see photographs from the trade fair, and the official Final Report will follow soon. We will keep you informed about the innovations and next year’s edition.

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Awards in the GRAND PRIX competition

Altogether 12 exhibits were registered in the competition for the best exhibit/technology, which was organised by ABF, a.s. The assessment criteria included technical characteristics, progressive technologies, innovation level, material, energy savings, ecological aspects, competitive edge, as well as application in the market. Valuation of the GRAND PRIX competition took place on Tuesday, 10 May 2016. The Expert Jury chaired by doc. Ing. Stanislav Maňas, CSc. appraised the following exhibits which obtained the GRAND PRIX awards without specification of a detailed order: CheckGIS (CheckTerra s.r.o.), mobile CNC milling centre XYZ 2-OP (REXIM spol. s r.o.), battery for balancing fluctuations of solar power plants and energy storage (HE3DA, s.r.o.).

The GRAND PRIX Honourable Mention was granted to ARC-H a.s. for FASTMIG X and to s.r.o. for DF 5HD TOOLS. 

We would like to thank all the registered firms and congratulate the winners!

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The Spring Set of Industrial Fairs presents new technologies

On 10 May 2016, the gates of this year's Spring Set of Industrial Trade Fairs have opened. On the first day, top power engineering professionals met at the international ENERGO SUMMIT. The event was officially commenced by a ribbon-cutting ceremony performed by Pavel Sehnal, chairman of the board of directors of ABF, a.s.; Václav Sochor, director of the energy efficiency department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade; Vladimír Dlouhý, president of the Czech Chamber of Commerce; Michaela Chaloupková, member of the board of directors of CEZ Group and director of its administration division; and Jan Prokš, director of the Electrical and Electronic Association of the Czech Republic. More than 200 exhibitors present their products on more than 7,000 square meters of gross exhibition area. The FOR INUDSTRY, FOR ENERGO, FOR LOGISTIC, FOR 3D and FOR INFOSYS trade fairs will take place in the PVA EXPO PRAGUE exhibition centre until Friday, 13 May 2016. Visitors are able to see new technologies in the machinery industry, e-mobility, state-of-the-art 3D technologies, virtual reality and IT in industry, and many other sectors.  

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World premiere: B-spindle of the Manurhin K´MX 816 machine will be presented at the FOR INDUSTRY trade fair

At its stand, the TAJMAC company will for the first time present its machine K´MX 816 milling and drilling inclined plances and inclined holes. The B-spindle has three positions for ER 16 collets, 5,000 rev/min, 4.4 Nm, tilt +- 90°. The machine will be making a segment of a photograph frame.

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MESPO to support international scientific and technical cooperation

The Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic is one of the expert guarantors of the FOR ENERGO, FOR INDUSTRY and FOR INFOSYS Trade Fairs also in 2016. At its stand, the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic will inform about its activities, activities of its specialised sections and about the activities of support of international cooperation in the field of engineering research, especially with the help of the MESPO project. This project supports participation of Czech scientific and research institutions, scientists and experts in international programmes of research and development, and provides information about possibilities of international cooperation in such areas as:

- European programmes of international cooperation in the field of research and development,

- International bilateral agreements on scientific and technical cooperation,

- Other possibilities of individual international cooperation between research and engineering institutions.

At the stand it will be possible to obtain information as well as advice and consultancy concerning expert activities of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic. The contact person is Ing. Petr Hladík, Ph.D., FEng., e-mail address:

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Bulgarian company EMKA JSC is looking for cooperation with local producers of motors, transformers, generators

The FOR ENERGO 2016  fair will attend also the Bulgarian company EMKA JSC, which manufactures insulated cables and wires, enamelled copper wires, winding wires and PVC compounds for cable production.

At the Spring set of Industrial Fairs, the company is searching for cooperation with the local  producers of motors, electrical motors, transformers, generators, welding machines,or pumps. The company is also searching for partnership with trade companies and distributors companies for insulated cables and wires.

If you are interested in meeting with this company at the  FOR ENERGO fair, please read more...

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New model of the PINACHO universal lathe at DK MACHINERY

The DK Machinery company completed its product range with PINACHO universal CNC lathes already twenty years ago. By doing so it extended its offer of forming machines also with machine tools at that time. Together with deliveries of press brakes, scissors and laser machining centres the range of universal CNC lathes was gradually extended also with machining centres. Besides this, the company started to offer also production lathes and long-turn CNC automatic machines so that the firm could be able to offer modern machines for both forming and machining.

At the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair it will be possible to see a new model of the PINACHO ST 225 x 1000 universal lathe equipped with a hydraulic clamping system and the automatic tool head for twelve tools. It means that various configurations enable this machine to be used for both a single-piece production system and a recurrent medium-series production system, all at an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The Forming Division will present the APHS press brake in a length of 1250mm with a tonnage of 40t. This machine will be equipped with the top Delem control system with a touch screen, which can be delivered to all lengths and capacities of our press brakes. Visitors will be able to try its excellent compatibility with the external SW as well.

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AXA CNC stroje s.r.o. at the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair

AXA CNC stroje s.r.o. has been operating on the market for 16 years and is divided into two divisions. The first division deals with production of machine tools and equipment, while the other division of the company uses the AXA machines for commercial production of parts intended for the aviation industry, moulds and other shaped elements. The beginnings of the company before its merger with the Germany-based company AXA Entwicklungs - und Maschinenbau GmbH date back to the 1990s when it was operating as a machinery engineering company with a focus on overhauls of machines and machining of technologically complex shaped products.

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Optimization of cricital processes in form designing and form manufacturing

The TD-IS, s.r.o. company will present its solution for optimization of critical processes in design and production. The portfolio of products offered includes both original solutions and applications of prestigious companies like Autodesk or Oracle; the portfolio consists of DMS / PLM / ERP and CAD/CAM/CAE solutions. The company is Autodesk's specialized partner for Product Design & Manufacturing Simulations.

You can learn how to use Inventor HSM to develop boring systems in cooperation with AXA – CNC Stroje s.r.o. The presentation of the TD-IS company will take place on Friday 13 May at 9:30 a.m. in conference room no. 3 in the entrance hall of PVA EXPO PRAGUE.

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“Industry 4.0 – IT future in industry” presentation at the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair

The business environment is undergoing continuous changes, which holds for industry as well. For several last years, the innovations, new inventions and research have markedly changed the actual functioning of businesses, their corporate processes, methods of corporate management as well as the manners in which data is collected and analysed. At present, the companies are able to collect large quantities of the data from various sites – from a manufacturing line up to the data entered manually in the accounting system. The future of the industry therefore consists in IT solutions which ensure, across the entire organisation, a single interface, data necessary for better decision making processes from a single place or uniform manufacturing as well as managing corporate processes.

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JC-Metal to present news from the world of welding at the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair

This year the trade fair visitors may look forward to the new series of JC-Metal clamping devices and also to the news of Siegmund - tables and accessories known as Systém 22, arising on the basis of requirements obtained from customers from all over the world. In addition to classical advantages of the Siegmund combination sets,  Systém 22 brings a new size of system holes, and thus it forms a size intermediate link between the existing Systems 16 and 28JC-Metal s.r.o. is a traditional manufacturer of the clamping technology for welding with an already 19-year tradition on the market and it is also an exclusive distributor of the Siegmund welding combination sets for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For other news and current information from the welding world please follow the FB profile of JC-Metal or the web site

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Industrial Property Office at the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair

The Industrial Property Office is one of the central state administration bodies of the Czech Republic, and besides the function of the patent and trademark authority it performs also the function of a special information centre of industrial property. The Office deals with education of the public regarding industrial rights by way of e-learning courses and regular seminars. For several last years it has endeavoured to educate also pupils and students at elementary and secondary schools with regard to awareness of industrial rights. It has prepared lectures and teaching materials for them, explaining various issues of industrial rights in attractive and entertaining ways. The Office intermediates a lot of information from the field of industrial rights to the public also through the Internet. On the Internet it is also possible to find review databases – these are the database of patents and utility designs, database of trademarks, database of industrial designs and database of identification of the origin and geographical markings. In these systems it is possible to carry out informative reviews free of charge.

On the stand of the Industrial Property Office, visitors will be able to find various information and national as well as international information databases of industrial rights, which the Office also makes accessible on its web site, and they can get familiar with the ways of how to search for the information on the state of the art there and how to consult a wide range of issues relating to the sector of industrial rights.

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TAJMAC-ZPS among Trade Fair Exhibitors again

TAJMAC–ZPS is coming back among the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair Exhibitors in 2016 again and will take part in the event with three machines on an area of approx. 200 m2. These are two sliding headstock automatic machines and one machining centre. As an attraction for visitors it will bring also a rally special in the TAJMAC-ZPS brand. Mr. Tomáš Dederle, Manurhin Division Director, comments the company’s participation as follows: “We at TAJMAC-ZPS in Zlín are convinced that we need this Prague exhibition. With regard to time demands and due to the never ending renovation works on the D1 motorway, a lot of customers from the Prague region and from the regions situated to the north, west and south of Prague will not set out on a journey to Brno at all. Well, the number of visitors coming to the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair is not satisfactory from the viewpoint of the needs of our company. But we can hardly expect that it will increase unless the number of exhibiting firms starts to rise as well. At the trade fair it is necessary to foster the branches of tool and accessory suppliers and representation of machine suppliers. The FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair has ambitions to become a specialised trade fair focused on machining in the future, and therefore it should abandon its nature of a general industry focus. And it is only up to us whether we want such a transformation or not, whether it is interesting for us or not in terms of our business activities. For TAJMAC-ZPS it is definitely interesting. The Czech Republic is a key market for us”.

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Looking back at the Year of Industry and Technical Education

Throughout the year 2015, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic supported technical education, in cooperation with school representatives, organizations, institutions, and state officials who voice their support for technial education, especially in connection to financing of the pedgagocial sector. The ABF, a.s. company has also joined this campaign.

Throughout the year, more than 400 events took place all over the Czech Republic. We do not have the ambition to change the whole educational system in just one year, but we did succeed in connecting companies with schools and in organization of school trips, competitions, open days, trade fairs and regional meetings of school representatives, companies, state officials.

The aim of the project was to promote technical sectors and to overcome the prejudices connected to the technical branches of education, which are still observable in the public, based on surveys conducted among students and their parents. The server presents the key sectors of technical education, practical trainings, information about systemic changes and leisure time activities connected to technology and industry. The server also provides numerous videos from events organized within the project, as well as an attractive animated spot.

When choosing the right type of education for their children and choosing the right high school, parents can use the unique Almanach of technical education. Though the Year of Industry and Technical Education is now ending, the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic will still actively support technical education with the aim to affect new legislation that regulated the educational system.

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Software solutions and services for engineering companies

The TPV Group company focuses on the development and implementation of the TPV2000 system. The company also engages in distribution of the Solid Edge construction system, the CAM Express machining system, and Teamcenter, a data management tool developed by Siemens PLM Software. TPV Group s.r.o. provides not only implementation of these systems, but also training in its operation as well as subsequent technical support.

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Preparations for the 15th Edition of the FOR INDUSTRY Trade Fair Are Fully Underway

The next edition of the Trade Fair for Mechanical Engineering Technologies will take place at the PVA EXPO PRAGUE Exhibition Centre in Letňany on May, 10 - 13, 2016 and will be held within the framework of the spring industrial trade fairs intended for the professional public. The exhibitors will present a wide offer of new products and technologies, and various specialized lectures and seminars will be prepared too. The visitors will have a possibility of seeing presentations of leading domestic as well as foreign firms.

Already now it is possible to register applications from such firms as Mitutoyo Česko s.r.o., ATEQ Sp, z.o.o., Jiří Štěpánek – INDEVA, DEOM s.r.o, Kasys s.r.o., s.r.o., ITFuture s.r.o. and many others. The exhibitors can register, like every year, their most innovative products and articles into the GRAND PRIX competition. The TOP EXPO awards will be granted to the most impressive expositions of the Trade Fair, in two categories - up to 50m² and above 50 m².

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Meet the first exhibitors of the 2016 Spring Set of Industrial Fairs

One by one, we will present you some of the companies that have so far registered as exhibitors.


Among the first exhibitors is WANZL, the winner of the 2015 GRAND PRIX award, presenting their controlled axle.


The development of carts and undercarriages with controlled axles for logistic trains started as an initiative of the Logistics+Industry department. The market information suggested an increased demand for a logistic solution that would improve the use of space in storehouses and factories. As for cargo handling and transportation, we witness an increasing demand for logistic trains that could be driven through narrow spaces (aisles) safely.


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Discount on exhibition area for FIRST MINUTE applications

návštěvníci veletrhuDear Exhibitors,

We would like to inform you that exhibitors who apply FIRST MINUTE for the 2016 edition of the SPRING SET OF INDUSTRIAL FAIRS get a discount on exhibition area. This offer is valid for applications delivered before July 30, 2015. The application form is to be found in the „For Exhibitors“ section. We are looking forward to seeing you at the fair!

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FR 2015We would like to thank all of you who partook in the 2015 Spring Set of Industrial Fairs. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all the exhibitors, organizers of the accompanying program, media partners and business partners, as well as winners of the TOP EXPO and GRAND PRIX awards.

What was this year's set of industrial fairs like? See the Final Report here.

We will be happy to welcome new exhibitors and partners at the following edition of the fair. Even your company can be mentioned in the next year's final report – possibly as a winner of the TOP EXPO or the GRAND PRIX award (for the best exposition and for the best new product respectively), as a media partner, as an organizer of an enlightening conference or as the partner of the ENERGO SUMMIT.

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Final report 2017 FOR INDUSTRY